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sometimes i wonder if this anime was even real

and then i remember yes, it was real, and it introduced me to 3 of my first anime husbands and one wife when i was a freshman in high school

sp00ky 08

"I’ve been losing a lot of sleep recently. I can’t seem to focus on anything or accomplish much. I’ve been persistently exhausted by nothing more than troublesome thoughts as they run laps throughout my subconscious. It’s making me very tired. The point has been reached where I’m no longer able to distinguish which parts of my reality are grounded in truth or simply the products of heightened paranoia. Time has been passing as an afterthought, of which I have been actively trying to avoid. The concept of ‘then’ has taken a backseat to the all encompassing and undeniable grip of ‘now’ which itself lays cowering pitifully in the horrific, overpowering shadow of ‘soon’. I can’t help but feel as if something in my life is changing. Not even in a way that could aptly be described in terms that would make
sense. This feeling has transcended what could be easily diagnosed as an aversion to imminent death and leapt forth into realms rivaling that of recognition to the crumbling structural integrity of physical law. I want to tell someone… but I’m not sure what I would say and almost certain they wouldn’t understand or even care. I’m stuck helpless to watch this unfold in idle terror. God help me…”


cherish horror and rule monsters

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